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Joey Heidman started his venture into the industry as any future exec. would, from the bottom. His first job was at Outback Steakhouse where he worked as a dishwasher and bus boy for three years learning the work ethic required to thrive in the restaurant world. After he got his fill of washing grease covered pots and pans, cleaning bathroom “oopsies” and practically living in trash, he decided to try his luck in the higher ranks.

After a short stent in the to-go room at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, he began to service tables and instantly felt at home.”Anybody can write down an order and put it in to the kitchen, but it takes somebody truly special to wait tables and get along with all of the big personalities that continuously reside within the restaurant industry.”

Since that day he has devoted his energy and time to serving others at The Fatted Calf, and although the roll of manager is laced with all of the things running a business entails, you will still find him on the floor, in the mix with all of his waitstaff beside him bringing you all the wonderful dishes his amazing Chef, Ted Grieb, creates.