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The Fatted Calf Cooking Class Series

The Fatted Calf Cooking Class Series Presented by Chef Ted Grieb

The Fatted Calf cooking class series is a hand’s on class intended to show you the proper techniques in
the kitchen and bar to be able to do these dishes and drinks on your own. All questions will be answered
and all recipes will be available. Space is limited and classes sell out quickly! Make your reservation today 972.722.3343

January 25th 85.00
Stocks, Sauces and Soups

 Hands on class learning the basics on building flavors
for classic French sauces and savory soups for a great meal

February 29th 90.00
Braising Meats

 Wonderful slow cooked dishes that are fork tender
like mustard and white wine rabbit, Coq Au Vin,
Hunter’s Venison Stew

 March 28th 85.00
Let’s Make Pizza Pie With Chef Ted

 Learning the basics and mastering dough and pizza making at home
Stromboli, calazone and traditional American Pizza

 April 25th 85.00
Brunch Time

 Spring time classics and desirable new dish
with brunch cocktails and fun inspirations

 May 23rd 85.00
Let’s go to China town

 Dumplings, ribs, noodles, and classic Chinese menu favorites.
It’s one of Chef Ted’s favorite things to cook

June 27th 90.00
Were Smoking this weekend!

 Rubs, proper smoking, brisket, pulled pork, chicken
plus great fixins to go with our meal!

July 25th 95.00
Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

 We will be smoking them, glazing them, and grilling them!
Pork, Lamb and beef ribs, come and Get It!

September 26th 95.00
The Agean Sea

 We will be preparing beautiful seafood dishes in a Mediterranean style.
Dishes with Scampi, oysters, whole grilled Bronzini, and other treasures of the sea!

October 24th 95.00
Harvest Time

Beautiful food and Wine Parings that are perfect for this time of year.
We will prepare fall harvested produce and some wild game dishes to go along with wonderful wines of the year.

November 21st 95.00
Let’s give thanks

 We will prepare a wonderful New England inspired Thanksgiving with all of the fixins.
Well still a little southern inspired dishes too!

December 18th 95.00
No Time is better cooking than the Holidays

 We will prepare beautiful Holiday Wellingtons
Beef, Turkey and Venison.  We will also have all of the beautiful